Unfaithful Spouse Investigation

Doubting your spouse’s fidelity is an emotionally tormenting experience. The only way to stop the nagging suspicions is to get concrete proof.


Private investigators can gather evidence of cheating through a variety of methods, including surveillance, online investigations and GPS tracking. However, it is important to hire a professional who operates within the law.


When you got married, you made a promise to love and support your spouse through good times and bad. Unfortunately, some people break this commitment and have affairs. A licensed private investigator can help you find the truth and obtain hard evidence of an affair.

Depending on the case, surveillance can involve physical monitoring or online investigation. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, watch for signs such as a sudden change in appearance, secretive text messages, a new wardrobe, or unexplained trips away from home. Also pay attention to credit card and ATM activity, especially if it involves large cash withdrawals. Many cheaters use cash because it leaves fewer records. In addition, if your spouse keeps clearing their browser history and visiting dating sites, this may be cause for concern.

A PI will monitor your spouse’s activities using the latest technology and equipment. They will document their findings and take photos or video footage as proof of suspicious behavior. If you are considering a divorce, this evidence can be helpful to your legal case. It is important to hire an experienced PI that is licensed and insured. It is also a good idea to seek legal advice for any investigations that may violate your spouse’s privacy because this can open you up to litigation.

Background Checks

When you and your spouse married, it was a promise to be faithful to one another. Unfortunately, not all spouses keep this promise. Fortunately, if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, there are ways to find out for sure. A private investigator can use professional techniques to uncover evidence that can help you confront your spouse and resolve your suspicions.

A background check can reveal a lot of information about your spouse. This can include financial, employment, criminal and living history. It can also show if they are who they say they are. This is important because identity theft is common and can be very dangerous.

In addition to a background check, you should also look into your spouse’s social media and dark web activity. Unusual activity in these areas could indicate that your spouse is having an affair online. This type of infidelity can be just as distressing as physical infidelity.

If you suspect your spouse is unfaithful, it’s important to try talking with them about your concerns first. However, if they stonewall you and continue to act strangely, a background check can help you uncover the truth. This will give you the proof you need to move forward with divorce proceedings and other legal matters. It can also help you regain trust in your relationship.


A spouse’s unfaithfulness can be emotionally challenging for both parties. Despite this, many spouses feel it is necessary to uncover the truth for peace of mind or prior to legal action. This is where a domestic investigation comes in. Infidelity investigations are often conducted in the context of pending divorces or custody disputes, but can also be used to verify allegations of infidelity in any type of relationship.

In most cases, suspicions are aroused by a change in behavior. These can include unexplained purchases, secretive online activity, new phone and email accounts, and changes in personal grooming or appearance. In addition to these observable signs, emotional distance can be a warning signal. If a significant other starts to avoid conversations or family activities, becomes more defensive when discussing finances, or shows reluctance to meet friends, it could be an indication of infidelity.

Often, the root cause of infidelity is a feeling of dissatisfaction with the marriage. Our investigators seek to understand these motivations, examining the relationship and lifestyle from a holistic perspective to determine whether there are any underlying issues. For example, boredom can be a leading factor, triggering the desire for novelty and excitement that leads some people to cheat. If this is a problem, we will work with you to find ways to address it.

Video Recording

When a cheating spouse is caught on video, it is an extremely painful moment. However, the hard evidence obtained by your investigator can help to ensure that you receive a positive divorce settlement or provide closure if needed. This information can also help to prevent a cheating spouse from pursuing infidelity in the future.

A private investigator will use professional techniques to discreetly record your suspect’s behavior without them knowing that they are being observed. These recordings can include details of their extramarital relationship, such as the type of car they use or where they go out to eat. In some states, recording someone without their consent is illegal, so it’s important to work with an experienced investigator.

When a cheating spouse is caught on tape, it is often the final straw for their partner. While it may be difficult to accept, it will also make them think twice about their affair and the effects of the consequences. In addition to a video recording, your investigator will typically provide a date-and time-stamped report that documents everything they have filmed and recorded. This report will also contain photos that are taken during the surveillance process. A trusted New York cheating spouse investigator can help you to uncover the truth in a confidential, discreet manner. Contact NYIA today to schedule a confidential consultation.